Active Ingredient(s): Phentermine Hydrochloride
FDA Approved: * June 13, 2011
Pharm Company: * CITIUS PHARMA
Category: Diet / Weight Loss

Phentermine (phenyl-tertiary-butylamine), with several brand names including Ionamin and Sentis, is a medication used together with diet and exercise to treat obesity.[3] It is taken by mouth for up to a few weeks at a time, after which the beneficial effects no longer occur.[3] It is also available as the combination phentermine/topiramate.[5] Common side effects include a fast heart beat, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, dizziness, and r... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

Dosage List

Suprenza 15 mg Disintegrating Tablet
NDC: 24090-720
Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Suprenza 30 mg Disintegrating Tablet
NDC: 24090-721
Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Suprenza 37.5 mg Disintegrating Tablet
NDC: 24090-722
Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, LLC

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