Active Ingredient(s): Bacitracin + Polymyxin B
FDA Approved: * April 16, 1974
Pharm Company: * MONARCH PHARMS
Category: Antibiotics

Bacitracin/polymyxin B (trade name Polysporin among others) is a topical antibiotic cream or ointment.[1] The active ingredients are polymyxin B, bacitracin and occasionally garamycin or gramicidin. Though Polysporin is marketed in the United States, it holds a much smaller market share than in Canada and acts as a substitute to J&J's Neosporin for those allergic to the antibiotic neomycin; although allergy to Bacitracin/Polymyxin B has also been reported.[2 ... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.
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Dosage List

Polysporin Topical Powder
NDC: 58232-4033
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

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