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An HIV vaccine could be either a preventive vaccine or a therapeutic vaccine, which means it will either protect individuals from being infected with HIV or treat HIV-infected individuals. It could either induce an immune response against HIV (active vaccination approach) or consist of preformed antibodies against HIV (passive vaccination approach).[1] There is currently no licensed HIV vaccine on the market, but multiple research projects are trying to find an effective vacci...

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Eflaten and Tenarenz works the same?

I am on ARV since september last year, 4months on Tenarenz which managed to make my viral load undetectable, since its nolonger on market I've changed to Eflaten which contains same ingredients, Can someone tell me if this Eflaten will manage to maintain my viral load undetectable. Thanks. ## Hello, Siffy! How are you? If it contains the same active ingredient, then it should work for just as well as the other one. I can't say you'll stay undetectable, because sometimes our bodies get used to a medication and it may not be as effective. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Good day Can you tell me if I have yellow eyes due to HiV treatment should ## Hi, I just started using Eflaten..i first experience minor side effects but in a month i seems OK...But now I have big pi...


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