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Glucerna is the brand name of a family of tube feeding formula, bottled or canned shakes, and snack bars manufactured by Abbott Laboratories.[1] It was introduced to the public in 1989.[2] These medical nutritional products are meant for people with diabetes and are promoted for their ability to satisfy hunger without causing rapid increases in glucose concentration in the bloodstream. Contents 1 Products 2 Composition and properties 3 References 4 External l...

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Glucerna & diarrhea

My disabled diabetic son recently stopped eating orally and is now given Glucerna through the G tube. He is having diarrhrea several times a day. Does anyone have a solution? ## My mother has diarrhea and has had some vomiting, plus is diabetic. Is it safe to drink glucerna? ## Keep him on 24 hours on fluids check his blood sugar every 3 hours then start half strength feeds diluted with water. ## Hello Sherri, Do you know whether his digestive track has had problems in the past? How long has it been since you started taking Glucerna? How old is your son? There are so many factors at play that I can only really give some generic information, without knowing more about his situation I can't exactly say. Under the presumption that the only change made was switching to Clucerna, it may ...


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Glucerna & diarrhea
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