Zincovit Tablet Side Effect

Bommadevara Vishnuvardhanarao Says:

I am using zincovit tablets manufactured by m/s.apex laboratories,tamilnadu,India since last three months.first I have taken daily one tablet in the morning after breakfast. After one month I am in trouble with gas problem in stomach and suffer to take breath. I stopped for two days then my health comes to normal . I thought the tablets may be taken after meals, then I started taking the tablets after meals in the midday .after 10 dayshave got the same trouble. I have consulted the doctor and taken the medicine. Now I have completely stopped using the me decline

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rao Says:

after prescribed by doctor, i started using zincovit-c one tab a day. after 5 days i was having terrible knee joint pain when climbing stairs or getting up from bed. i have started taking brufin for 10 days and during this time discontinued zincovit-c. The pain was reducing. i thought this pain was caused due to my age (age 50 +) and again i started zincivit-C. After 5 days the pain again aggravated so much that i was not able to climb starirs at all. i stopped zincovit-c and after 4 days the pain started reducing and now after 10 days i have a slight discomfort while climbing the stairs but mostly the pain had gone.

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Faceto Says:

Is it goof to use Zincovit tablet for hair losing?.I m 24 years old.

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VerFree Says:

Zincovit is just a nutritional supplement that ensures you get the necessary amounts of Vitamin C, and Zinc, so it is not an actual medication, however, according to FDA reports, Zinc supplements have been known to cause side effects in some people that take them, which may include nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, headache, and vomiting. Taking high doses for a long period of time could also affect the levels of copper in your body, which may cause other health issues.

Are you on any other medications, or vitamin supplements?

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