Xanax White Bar R039 Fake Or Real

Jay Says:

I just want to say I am prescribed Xanax and I just recently came across these white R039 2mg. A lot of people on the web are giving alot of different answers and to clear things up they are not fake. They taste real, look a little odd, and the print they used isn't spot on.. but they work great for my anxiety and they are strong I could promise you that. They are real no doubt.

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David Says:

Hi Jay,

Based on my research the real Alprazolam bars marked "R039" are supposed to be yellow and not white. However, this is not to say that the white ones don't work. A lot of reviews I've seen have identified them as counterfeit meds from Pakistan, but they DO reportedly contain legitimate Alprazolam, despite their fake reputation.

It's a good knock-off in my honest opinion, since most counterfeit meds don't usually work at all or tend to have less than half the actual active ingredients.

Does anyone else here have personal experience comparing these ones to the authentic yellow version?

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L Says:

I work in a crime lab and have recieved the white R039's on numerous occasions and they do in fact have alprazolam just as the R039 yellow ones do. The only true fakes i've come across are "XANAX / 2" that have diphenhydramine and etizolam instead of alprazolam.

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jd Says:

I got some white r039 pills that look lime actual bars do they do the job just like a regular xanax or no?

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Eddy Says:

JD, L works in a crime lab. Keep in mind it is a felony to obtain pills that are controlled. I have bought these pills from a pharmacy. Anyone who makes fake pills can put any number at all on their product!

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Jase Says:

I have a white R049 and it has no taste - I just took half and don't feel any relief!

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Billy24 Says:

I have gotten yellow bars from legitimate pharmacies such as.walgreens, osco, and cvs. And I've gotten white ones. Must depend on the manufacturer they order from.

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Sean Says:

That code is on the yellow bars and they are the real 2mg Xanax... im sure the white ones are real as well. I just got mine filled and they are yellow with that code and they're real of course.

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Chad Says:

Looking for a doctor who can treat my anxiety. Can u help point me in the right direction?

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street smart Says:

Never take pills or drugs that are not prescribed by your doctor. Every time u buy pills you run the risk of taking an unregulated, possible fake dose that could be cut with anything. Drugs sold on the street serve one purpose. That being so the dealer can make money. He or she does not care about your health or risk of death due to overdose or pills being cut with a cheap alternative. Stay safe.

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Dave o Says:

I got some yellowish 2mg. Xanax bars. They have no taste. They came from a online Wed site.they are always brighter before. They say r 039. Please notify me if they fake.

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Samara Says:

I have had the white ones. And the ones I got were completely fake had no taste. Didnt work at all. The only ones I'll take that have the r039 on them is the yellow.ones

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John Says:

I have received the r039 bars and they are a darkish yellow brownish color and they are really hard I just there not fake.

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Storm Says:

Did you happen to find out if those were real? I would highly appreciate any feedback.

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Michael Says:

I got a yellowish r039 bar today and it burned like a mother f**ker.

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StreetRx Says:

Yeah I ordered GG 249 their little bigger than the normal ones they came from India and I got burned as well total fakes.

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AS1 Says:


A lot of people buy them "through other means" because they were previously prescribed them but no longer have insurance and can't afford to see doctors. Many other cases are bought and to just be taken for no medical reason which I agree is dangerous. But some can't afford medical expenses and it is cheaper to buy them through other means.

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Bret Says:

I've been prescribed 2mg Xanax for over twenty years. I've got everything from the round mylans, to the white Greenstones.. I just found a pharmacy that had the yellow r039 bars. And i have to tell you that the yellow ones are better, it could be in my head? I get alot of them a month so when I get my prescription the pharmacy gives me the actual bottle there shipped in so I know I'm getting good Xanax. It's been this way for several years. If your buying them through other means I understand, but there are better ways to handle your panic attacks. There are doctors that will see you.... You're not looking in the right place. Hope this will help anyone with questions about them.

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Chad Says:

Worked the same for me! My friend was sketched out by it and gave it to me but I didn't notice a difference

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ManyYearsDealing Says:

It's not difficult to make a fake pill, and you'll never be able to tell visually. Keep in mind that if you know what it tastes like you can solve this conundrum in less than a minute, just place a piece under your tongue and let it dissolve. (It's a better way to metabolize them than swallowing, anyway.) Fakes taste like chalk. Real ones are bitter. Do it once with something you know is real. Most fakes now though contain a small amount of alprazolam in them, criminals are clever. You'll never be able to tell for sure strictly based on appearance.

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Jubey junt Says:

Depending on what kinda pill press you use. You can use white or yellow xanax (by the powder).
You can use a white 2 mg pill press and put yellow powder in and boom you got yellow bars that were pressed in a white 2 mg xanax press.

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