White Oblong Pill Ph 073

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What is this pill?

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sam Says:

I have looked everywhere for information about a white oblong pill that has the impressions of ph 073 on it. No other markings. Pill identifier has no listing nor does poison control. Any assistance is much appreciated.

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Verwon Says:

Is it possibly PH 063?

We have discovered that tablet to be 400mgs of Guaifenesin, a generic or store brand of Mucinex.

If it really is PH 073, then it is also more than likely an oTC item, which would explain why it's not in any databases and also why poison control didn't know what it is. OTC items are not required to have their markings logged by the government.

You can see several threads about the one with the PH 063 marking here:




It is highly possible that this is the same substance, but in a different dosage.

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ro10036 Says:

This pill PH 063 is guaifenesin 400mg

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wam Says:

I came across this pill - ph 073. It's over the counter medication. The brand names may vary.
This one was in a bottle of TopCare Chest Congestion & Cough Relief DM. It's Dextromethorphan MBr 20 mg (cough suppressant) and Guaifenesin 400 mg (Expectorant).
Hope this helps!

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Sandy Says:

I recently found the same pill at the bottom of my purse. I matched it to the following: A Bottle of Care One Chest Congestion Relief DM (Generic Mucinex)

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tommy Says:

PH 073 is a off brand of musinex i was just prescribed this med by my doc

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Kat woodhouse Says:

It is a 'Harris Teeter' (grocery store) brand of mucinex.

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Mary Rose Says:

This is Marc's brand - Mucus Relief. I have some in my cupboard - just checked.

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AndyB Says:

Re: wam (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

That's correct. It's the generic equivalent of Mucinex DM.

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