What Is Trixazole Used For

bobo Says:

How many days does trixazole take to boost your immune system in order for your cd4 count to be up?

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David Says:

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but in my investigation, trixazole does not appear to be the correct spelling of the alleged medication... Did you mean to say Triazole or Tinidazole by chance?

Triazole is an antibiotic containing a combination of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim; used to treat a variety of bacterial infections.

Tinidazole is also an antibiotic/anti-parasitic that treats a variety of bacterial/parasitic infections...

But just so you're aware, antibiotics of this nature do not boost the immune system. They simply kill off the bad (and good) bacteria.

If you're trying to boost your immune system, my personal opinion is that you can't go wrong with a steady intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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sp Says:

When must I take my trixazole tablets for best results? Before or after meals?

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sasa Says:

I was given these Trixazole pills at the clinic after they told me I'm HIV+ and my CD4 is low, but whenever I take them I vomit. What are Trixazole pills used for?

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Thando Says:

I will like to know if I'm in a relationship and by a chance come into contact with fluids of someone taking trixazole either by saliva or otherwise, am I in danger?

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MA B Says:

Hello there. Please help me. I have been dating a guy for 1 year and I found these Trixazole tablets that he hid. I don't know the indications of it, but I asked him and he says it's for pain. Is this true? Or is it used for HIV?

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Nicholas Says:

MA B (# 5) Hello I just want to know if trixazole can treat sore throat?

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