Unable To Lose Weight In Certain Areas On Yaz

chouko Says:

found out a couple of years ago my hormones were out of whack - testosterone running high, estrogen low. doc put me on yaz, which has been a godsend (other bcps made me retain water, made my blood pressure shoot up to almost 170, and gave me horrendous mood swings) - my pmdd has cleared up (no more having to take zoloft), my skin and hair are so much more healthy and feminine, and i'm finally able to gain weight where i need it (boobs and butt); before yaz, i had no problem losing weight, but was skinny like a boy. on yaz, i went from a size 5 to a size 11 being a little too snug. due to excessive walking and dieting, i am now down to a size 4/6 as far as my waist is concerned; however, my boobs have NOT decreased from a D cup (meaning medium tops balloon at my waist, small tops are freakishly tight on my boobs) and neither have my hips - there is almost a twelve inch difference between my waist and my hips; from the front, my hips always bulge over the tops of my low-riding jeans and pants while my pants fit just great everywhere else. i've been walking 10 miles back and forth to work for a couple of weeks (takes me a little over half an hour to walk 5 miles, it's not a leisurely pace) and i'm eating less than 10 grams of fat a day - my waist has gotten even smaller, my thighs have gotten smaller, my stomach is pretty much flat, but my hips and breasts are still freakishly huge and out of proportion. i'm so scared to stop taking yaz because i'm afraid my testosterone will shoot way back up and i'll start to look and feel like a man again, but am i going to HAVE to stop taking it to lose the rest of this weight? and if i start yaz again after losing it, will i gain it right back in the same areas? please help if you can.

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Verwon Says:

Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor?

While you may not like it, it may just be natural for you to be shaped that way. Not everyone is naturally meant to have a figure that society deems as 'perfect'.

What you should really do is decide what you are happy with and what you can live with. You need to be happy with yourself and not worried about what others may consider ideal.

Additionally, no one is going to be able to really tell you how stopping and restarting the medication may affect you, or your weight and size.


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chouko Says:

like my previous post said, i've been slim my whole life, a size 5 - this overexaggeration of my hips and breasts did not exist until i started taking yaz. i'm not into looking like the latest skinny fashion model of the month, just would like to be able to wear clothes w/o having to pin or belt the big areas. i will ultimately talk to the doc but was wanting to see if anyone else had this problem and if they did how they conquered it. thank u for taking the time 2 reply.

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