Taking Bactrim Ds 800 160 Tab Used For Boil Infection

B87prerna Says:

I had a boil which bursted 2 days back right below my thigh portion. It has formed a bump (swelled) and is painful. Since it is right below my thigh it's hard to sit. After taking the first dose of Bactrim ds 800 I have burning sensations around the boil area. Feels my skin is being stretch when I get up.. Burns a lot. Is it the right capsule that I am taking? How long will it take to heal?

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Verwon Says:

Did your doctor prescribe it for you?

It is possible that it is not the correct antibiotic to treat the relevant bacteria that caused the boil.

It could take a week or two to fully heal.

The FDA lists the typical side effects of this antibiotic as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea.

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B87prerna Says:

Thanks for the reply.i had to get operated on the same and went in emergency.they removed the pus n was very painful. They mentioned the medication m taking is correct plus they added another steroids (methylPREDNISolone)
to be take to reduce pain and to keep it covered.

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Charlie Says:

The treatment for boils in the past was a tablet called "Cream of Tarter" Sulfur Tablets! It contained "Sulfur" the mineral element # 16. Taking this Sulfur in the amount around 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per day will treat the Boils. Use the pure Sulfur and not Sulpha drugs!!! They are not the same.

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Jan Says:

It's possible the infection is Something else like MRSA....not trying to scare you but i had something similar that was making my skin feel like it was swollen. It was warm and very puffy. It turned septic..... I would have it checked out.

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B87prerna Says:

Today I went again to see a doctor at some clinic. She mentioned not to use the steroid methyiprednisolone anymore and is not the right one to treat infections. Instead she asked to continue with bactrim ds 800mg and added a new antibiotic cephalexin 500mg..
Now I fear will I ever get healed. Everyday m given some new doses..

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Garrett Says:

Quick FYI I feel you should use Dr Mercolas micro colloidal silver a cap full a day for one month straight you will test negative for staph aka MRSA likely it's what you have.. IT is likely that's what this is. Hot Epsom salt baths daily. Or even twice a day.hydrogen peroxide 3% directly on area. Start a regular intact of heavy fruits and vegetables and take D3 10 pills of 1000 IUs a day for a whole month then taper to 3 a day. It won't be toxic. My recommendations after experiencing right after surgery. 3 anti biotics combination wouldn't kill it. Your likely having acidosis a phoenix problem that is too Acidic. Then be taking a 15 to 27 types in one pill of different strains of probiotics in a daily pill regimen that's right your colon is a major part of your primary early intervention to diseases. Stop all Sugars in white forms. Fruits are ok. Rebuild you autoimmune system. My opinions my life experience. Prayers to you.g

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CharlieB Says:

I will post this information for what it is worth again! Boils and other skin infections can be treated without Pharma drugs by using
Sulfur, element 16, the mineral. The original treatment was called "cream of tarter sulfur tablets" The operative element is sulfur as the binder was cream of tarter. A small amount ( 1/8 to 1/4 tsp) per day for a few days will treat boils very quickly, usually in one or two days.
There are ,in my experience, no negative side effects with the exception some diarrhea, usually minor. Sulfur , the mineral is present in the body naturally but due to the reduced availability in food, it has been seriously reduced by processing and depleted soil, it is no longer present in our environment (food) supply. It is required in the human body!! It is a natural antibacterial, and is used by the body to build cartilage, etc..
and other tissue. the actual uses and "things" it does for the body health are to numerous to list..t

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