Tablet To Stop Bleeding During Periods

Monica Says:

I been having heavy bleeding with big clots for almost 1 month already. What is wrong with me? Is it cancer? How to stop it? Please advice.

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BL Says:

You need to see your dr ASAP. If you don't have a dr, call a OB/Gyn and get an appointment.

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pura Says:

I m 16 years old... I have long period for 20 days. I am a student n because of it I'm not feeling comfortable. pls recommend me some tablet!

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Dee Says:

I can't stop bleeding and its heavy with big clots for 1mnth nw wat should b the problem and wat can I use to stop

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miss zitro Says:

I have a long period for 3 weeks now. Please can you tell me if what medicine i can take to stop bleeding. Thank you

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Debendro Singh Says:

You can take Taver-MF tablet in bid for ten days.

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Christiana Says:

am a feeding mother... after Fourth month of delivery, I noticed heavy flow of bleeding after my menses... what will I do?

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Rnd130 Says:

Not really I have clots too but when I went to get check my doctor told me that my lining was off in my stomach which cause the blood flow not to come out regularly n cause me not to proper ovulation every month n it also made me a high risk of miscarriage which sounds bad yes it is just have to monitor it very careful n take medication n have regular check ups

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anonymous Says:

Hi madam I had my period and it stops and comes bk again within the same month is not stopping plz nelpl

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Swedered Says:

Go see a Dr.This doesnt sound right.Or call Hosp Emergency RN there and discuss it w.them.Hope aI have helped somewhat.

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Prathyu Says:

I got period on march 13th but that period was continuously up to 2 weeks then doc gave this medicines norcolut 5mg for 10 days twice a day n transamun 250 mg 2 tablets 8 hourly once 7 days . I used it from 25 the march n I got periods again in April 5th heavy periods n blood clots

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matlokotsi Says:

were can i get traver mf medicing

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darlintek Says:

my period is two days old today and i want to stop it now because i have meeting to attend early tomorrow. Any side effect for it?

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Chinnu Says:

Hi ma'am I am 27yrs unmarried,Indian with 65kgs weight and my height is 163cms.
I have period problem.
Actually there were no period for about 5months I did not consult any doctor but without using any tablets it started bleeding continuously for a month,then I used Trapic MF tablets 3 times a day for three days to stop the period.It stopped for 15days later it started with heavy bleeding with clots for 7days from then it continued bleeding normally not heavily from four months.I have PCODs in my oviary.
Can you please suggest tablets for my problem.

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m m af Says:

Hi i amean 52years old i am in pilgrim occasion. This i thethird day of my enstrual bleeding started and also I have taken primolut n tablets from the starting day but Itell now have bleeding please advise medicine for immediate stopping menstrual bleeding thanks

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Tomali Says:

I m 14 years my period is lasting for more than 20 days, please help me to take Medicibes. I took pause 500 for 5 days, but no results yet

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Mamta Says:

I am 24 year old woman,after delivery my period not stopped for a month ,please recommend some medicine

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Juhi Says:

My periods are nt regular since 6 to 8 months.i m getting continous flow since 40 days.Went to the gynic n she did the sonography n said tat my uterus line become thick. She prescribed some medicine for 1 month .now bleeding is nt still getting stop .wat I have to do? Pls guide me.

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Mpms Says:

Endometrium biopsy pathology result says that

section shows endometrial glands lined by tall columnar cells admist compact and haemorrhagic stroma,

what it interprets

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Mpms Says:

My doctor told me to take regestrone 5mg after my My doctor told me to take regestrone 5mg after my hystroscopy each day 2 tablets for 20 days ... How can this tablet related to my hystroscopy. After 2 days of hysteroscopy, I have started bleeding again. Is there any side effects

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Ruth Says:

Hi im bleeding since 3 weeks. I need to stop it. Are they any tablets that I can use?

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