Swollen Hands And Feet

Edward Says:

Hi, I have COPD and my bloodpressure is normal, but I get swollen hands and feet. I went too the dr. And they perscribe hypace 5ml and raidac 12,5 ml. Raidac to be taken once a day and hypace half in morning and half in evening. My question is if I don't have hypertension, why did they perscribe me with these tablets and won't it make my BP drop. The swelling is caused through the COPD and they say I am not getting enough oxzygen too my heart. Please help me too understand why I have too use these meds. Too scared too take them.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Edward! How are you?

Many medications have multiple uses, so these ones are often prescribed to help with heart function, so your heart works more efficiently.

The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased urination.

Have you started them, yet?

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gmcl Says:

Swollen hands and feet usually means your body is maintaining too much water. They usually prescribe a duretic to help the body get rid of the water. Too much fluid retention can be a sign tha tthe heart is struggling with the COPD to keep the body oxygenated, and a result fluid is not being cleared fast enough and it builds up. If you find you are not able to sleep lying down, or have to prop yourself up at night to breath get to the doctor and have them check on your hearth.

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Lou Says:

I am currently on day 40 of epclusa treatment also been diagnosed with copd weather is warming up humidity high.any thoughts appreciated

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