Soma With 5513 And Dan On The Front

Dub Says:

i need to know

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nenene123 Says:

what is it you need to know? this is a non-narcotic muscle relaxer. it may make you tired and you shouldn't drive with. although it is not narcotic it can be abused and one can become dependent on it. does it say SOMA or SOMA COMPOUND? soma compound has not only the nonnarcotic muscle relaxer in it, but some narcotic codeine as well.

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Marie Says:

This is the orange pinkish pill with 5553 and DAN on the other side

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tammy Says:

I found a pill on my kitchen counter and I have two teens in the house and I was wanting to know what kind it was and what it is used for ?it is pinkish orange and DAN on one side and 5553 on the other what are the symtoms I need to look for in my children?

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nenene123 Says:

It is definently Soma without the codeine, a muscle relaxer. Any idea why your teenagers might have it? Some people use it to come down after being on an intense high. I have had clients who do this. I pray this isn't the case with your teens. I would start asking questions.

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nenene123 Says:

I forgot to add..soma can make you very tired, lethargic even when only taking one pill. Are your children displaying behavior such as sleeping a lot, very mellow or incoherent? If so, they may be taking too much of it. It should only be used for things such as back muscle injury or torn muscles.

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becky contreras Says:

i have a small white round pill with the name dan dan on one side and the numbers 5307 imprinted on the other side . what is this pill?

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nenene123 Says:

regarding the pill that says Dan Dan 5307 imprinted on is something called Phenergan or generic name Promethazine. This is used to stop nausea and is also used to suppress cough. It is not a narcotic but can make you very tired. It is considered an antihistamine that has the ability to help when one is sick to the stomach as well.

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jeffrey Says:

little, round, white, pill 1st side DAN 2nd side 5658

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UTA capsule ST Says:

blue capsule SJ 646

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nenene123 Says:

regarding Jeffrey's question about the little white round pill with the number is a muscle relaxer (non-narcotic) called Flexeril. I don't remember the generic name but the pill you have is the generic pill for Flexeril. It can make you drowsy and feel real b..tchy in the mornings sometimes.

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Paul Says:

My contention is that it is not non-narcotic. That is the FDA designation. Some people can take one tablet and pass out. For whatever reason, my first prescription was 240/mo, and my system has metabolized the tranquilizer that is only contained in trace amounts. I have been told that it a jump start to whatever synthetic chemicals are supposed to make up the active and inert remainder of the tablet. Stay away. Bad medicine. I had reached the point where my need for the traquilizer it contains reached astronmical levels. The fact that you found one tablet is cause for concern, but one tablet is less than an aspirin to my system. I have been actively trying to stop taking this medication, if is is Soma, since 1997, without the assistance of even a good woman, let alone being turned down by rehabs. Have been advised to lie about what I am addicted to in order to get help. That should tell you something about the FDA.

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