Small Round Pink Pill With Only One Side Marked With A Q

Comments Submitted Says:

I found a small round pink pill, imprinted only on one side which a Q and could possible also be O or a 0 i couldnt quite tell, does anyone know what this could be

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Verwon Says:

If that is the only marking, this is going to be very hard to narrow down.

I can't find anything listed in the prescription drug databases that matches this. They usually have additional letters, numbers or a logo.

Can you tell us what country it was found in? It may help us to discover what it is.

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brian Says:

Its a quetiapine pill...better known as seroquel which is a second generation or atypical antipsycotic medication. Usually used for scizo or bipolar but can just be used to treat insomnia.

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linds Says:

Do u know what mg or strength it is?

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steve Says:

It is a small white circular pill with a split down the middle. It has AQ on one side of the split and an S on the other.

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