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iqbal Says:

my daughter 10 years old.she face frequently UTI even after giving antibiotic after doing culture docter priscribed septran suspension 5ml daily for 1year.Is there any side effect to my child for giving septran for ! year


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Beth Says:

Has your daughter been tested for vesico-ureteral reflux? A condition where urine from the bladder is pushed back thru the ureters into the kidney during urination. The bladder never completely empties due to a defect in the valve between bladder and ureter. The residual urine gives bacteria a chance to multiply causing chronic UTI's. I was told by a pediatric nephrologist when my daughter was diagnosed at age two that this is condition primarily affects girls and is one of the main causes if chronic UTI's in children.

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Aseef Says:

Yes,vesico-ureteral reflux test done,it is X-rays,it got clear report.just i would like to know that,taking septran for 1 year 5 ml daily dose of suspen sionfseptran will get any side effect,this medicine is prescribe by prdiatric nephrologist,

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Verwon Says:

All medications come with the risk of side effects. Sulfamethoxazole, the active ingredient in Septran, is an antibiotic and while it is unusual to be prescribed for that long, it is, sometimes, necessary.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, skin rash and diarrhea.

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Have you asked your doctor about your concerns?

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see Says:

is there are any side effect of septran suspension becouse my daughter , 2years age is also suffering from vur and she is advised by Dr. to take 5 ml septran suspension. if Yes than what I have to do ?

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