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I use to take this cough syrup when I was a kid. It was the only cough syrup that would help me. I was just wondering if it still can be bought? You had to mix it at home but I forget how. If anyone knows if it is still for sale or not please let me know

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I found a 1925 newspaper with instructions for making your own cough syrup. 2 1/2 oz. Pinex. 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water. Stir until dissolved. No cooking needed.

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I am looking for the same Pinex liquid cough syrup. We use to mix it in a jar with Honey! It was so thick. It was great to get rid of mucus. It stops the colds from going into the lungs.

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I cannot find PINEX..However, I did find a product a few days ago called CREOMULSION..made by a company in Marrietta, Ga. it looks like Pinex and tastes like Pinex. Now I'll see if it works like Pinex. One of the key ingredients is Beechwood creosote.....

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I am also looking for this product and would love to hear from you when you get the answer.

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What were the ingredients in Pinex cough syrup?
Its unfortunate that Pinex is no longer available. My grandmother used to make it for me when I was little and it was very soothing.

The Pinex product was 2.5 ounces of concentrate which you then mixed with sugar and water to create a syrup.

Although I don't know the ingredients in the concentrate, I do know that you can make your own pine needle tea and drink for relief of respiratory aliments. It is full of vitamin C and will send you on the road to recovery!

Any type of pine tree will do. Collect young green pine needles. The young pine needles are the ones farthest out on the branches.

Pull needles off the branch and line them up with the root ends together. Cut this root end off. Cut the needles into small segments and place in the bottom of a glass jar. Fill the jar about 1/3 of the way with cut pine needles.

Pour boiling water over the needles, put the lid on the jar and let steep for 15 minutes.

Using a spoon, press the needles against the side of the glass to express the essential oils.

Pour the tea out of the jar into a cup, leaving the pine needles in the bottom of the jar. Sweeten with honey, sugar or agave nectar to taste.

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As for your question re: Pinex I have an old, old, bottle of it w/label. So here are the ingredients; Alcohol, Chloroform, Oil of Pine tar, Potassium Guaiacol Sulphonate, oil of Eucalyptus, Extract Grindelia and Glycerin.

If you want the direction for taking it or any other information let me know!

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Thanks very much Does it say what company made it and where?

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Wish they still made it. Only medicine that helped

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My Mom mixed it with honey as well. The only thing that worked when I was a kid. Does the bottle say who the manufacturer was?

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you can still get it from some people, but they want a lot. my mama used to mix a bottle of pinex with a pint of honey and the whole family would take it for colds.

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Can a person make this syrup at home if you have the ingredients?

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but where can you get the pinex.was people decades ago that had to use whatever they could get so mama made her cough syrup with pinex and honey .lots of the older remedies worked better than some of them now days

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My mother used to mix pinex with a pint of honey.

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My grandfather made it with honey and lemon it work very well

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Yes my mom used honey, pinex, a little lemon and brandy

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We made it and mixed with equal amount of honey

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Chloroform banned from drug, other uses

Chem. Eng. News 1976, 54, 16, 7
Publication Date: April 12, 1976

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