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Angry Says:

I live in Sioux Falls SD and I am trying to find a doctor that will prescribe pain meds. I had a pain management doctor that prescribed 4 10 mg hydrocodones a day, but moved to Nevada. Now I have moved back and she is full and can’t see me. I have arthritis, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disorder and a spinal fusion. My doctor keeps sending me in for epidurals for my lower back, and they sometimes work for two or three months, but it doesn’t help with the pain every where else.
I work 10 hour days and barely make it through. Thinking about filling for disability, but I know it’s a long road.

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Cliff j Says:

Very few, if any, people will recommend pain Doctors because that will normally cause too many people to come to them. The Doctor may think that they have been branded as “easy” and they will tighten up—not lighten up. Just look on the internet for pain Doctors and read their reviews. That may help you. “Recommendations” are sketchy because everyone’s diagnosis is different. Take as many medical records with you as you can. Especially the online records of what you have been previously prescribed. I got a prescription to refill my medications on my first visit to a new Doctor after I moved because my records were so impeccable. Good luck! Keep in mind that a new Doctor is suspicious of a new patient until they have sometime to investigate them.

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Roro Says:

I suggest going to youtube & search boston scientific scs

Spinal cord stimulator (scs)

I have had mine since october & am finally learning to use it effieciantly.....

There are other makers as well but there seems to be better user testimonials for boston scientific (djporkchop73 has a 3 year diary of videos on their scs experiences & will give much better info than I can)

I can say my scs helps a lot .. they are inserted by a neurologist... (if you find one they may also recommend a pain dr to see so they can evaluate your pain for the scs)
Boston scientific
#866 360 4747
For a nero dr in area

Hope this helps

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