Orange Oxycodone No Marking In A Capsule With White Powder I
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sissy Says:

Please help me identify this pill I found. It is a darkish orange capsule with no markings on it and there is white powder inside. Please help, thanks

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okcgirl Says:

All real meds have markings. That's what makes them identifiable.

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armyvet Says:

It sounds like a generic 20mg addy

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David Says:

The thing about capsules like this with no markings is that you can buy empty capsules at the grocery store now a days and fill them up with any substance you please... essentially rendering any potential prospects useless until you're able to get the contents analyzed by a lab.... Counterfeiters are getting away with this all over the world and are capitalizing greatly on our demand in the US for pain meds in general. However this is not to say that yours is counterfeit, real, or misc..., rather it's "unknown" due to virtually unlimited possibilities. Lots of things can be ground up into a white powder and packed into a capsule. The fact that it's an orange capsule suggests to me that it's unique, but still doesn't add any clarification on that end.
Part of me just wonders how you figured it may contain oxycodone to begin with, unless you obtained it by unjust means.... in which case if that's true, I wouldn't trust the pill anyways, because it would confirm that it's a counterfeit oxycodone - like the one represented "here".

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