Oralcon Contraceptive Pills To Balance Hormones

Bubu Says:

I have been on oralcon for morethan 3 months now before using da pill I had irregular menstrual cycle I would skip a month or 2 without seeing my periods I went to a local clinic and I was given oralcon pills to balance my hormones since they suspected that my hormones are not balanced. I want to go off the pill because We want to try for a baby but I dont know if that is possible since I have been trying before with no success due to irregular mentrual cycle. So now my question is does oralcon contraceptive pills balances hormes? Can I go off the pill and start trying again?

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Kevin Says:

Hello Bubu,

Oralcon pills are a contraceptive that works by adding progesterone which is a synthetic hormone similar to estrogen. Oralcon does balance your hormones and makes your menstrual cycles more regular but at the same time it's a contraceptive and taking it will prevent you from conceiving a child. It would be in your best interest to discuss with your doctor your plan to stop taking the birth control and attempting to conceive, this way he might be able to provide you with a different type of medication to regulate your menstrual cycle as without preventing you from having a baby. Ultimately it should be safe for you to discontinue the medication at any time, there aren't any withdrawl symptoms of Oralcon but you will have to wait for your body to regulate and ovulate before being able to conceive.

I hope this helps a bit. Let me know if you have further questions.

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Precious Says:

Hi...I was taking Oralcon pills for 21 days as instructed by the clinic,for hormones balance and immediately after 3 days of stopping...my periods started..I want to know,how long will my period last since Im no longer using them?

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