Kam Says:

Looked, didn't see it on list. If anyone has used, not heard about, but actually used or uses, please tell me how it compares to morphine extended release (Avinza 120mg) or Fentynal (spelling) patches 100mcg or finally oxycontin 40mg X 2. If you don't have a way to compare to them, compare it to what you know or tell me what pain you have and what it's doing for your pain. I am not sure I want to put the money out for it plus it's not tab (oral) and I'm not familiar with inj. even though pharmacy says it's simple - diabetics do it- even children. I'm a BIG baby then, because I need someone to tell me first - :) Nubaine anyone? Please advise.

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dterrill Says:

I took Nubian Injectable for 3 yrs. It worked quite well for my severe intractable migraines. it worked much better than morphine or avinza 180mq ......I quit taking because of the cost.....about $250 or so a month and hard to get in USA.

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dterrill Says:

also about the doesn't hurt....very small needle, like heprin shots can be given on stomach or thighs not at all painfull ....

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