Nexpro 40 For Acid Reflux

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Is Nexpro 40 helpful for acid reflux?

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naveen Says:

i need to know the information abt the nexpro fast 40 tablets

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Verwon Says:

It is just another generic for Nexium, which contains Esomaprazole, used to treat ulcers and GERD.


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Lalit Says:

Is there any permanent solution of acidity as i am taking Nexpro 40 mg by last 2 years

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Raghavan Says:

I am suffering from Gastric and consulted the doctor regard to the disease. They have conducted Endoscopy and to the extent of ERCP and recommended use tablet Nexpro 40 every day 30 minutes before the breakfast. I am using this tablet from 2007 November onwards. My gastric is under control with nexpor tablet. If I dont take the tablet, resulting buring sensation in the chest then I have to chew a tablet i.e. Gelusil MPS. I have discussed with our doctor regarding the side effects, he says that there in no side effects. Being given to understand that after reviewing the details in Google there is a side effect with the tablet. Please advise me if I take this will there be any such side effects. Your early reponse to this mail is highly appricated sir.

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sugar243 Says:

I use nexpro fast 40 tablet very often for acidity .Now i have been detected with sugar,does nexpro fast 40 increases sugar level in body?

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krisha Says:

nexpro 40 tablet usage pleasae my doctor wrote 7am n 10pm

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Parv Says:

I was taking Pentaprozole for 2 years. Then someone told me about Honey and Cinnamon, (Take 1 Tables spoon of honey + 2 to 3 gram of cinnamon powder, Empty stomach in the morning). Now my acidity and ulcer both are gone for good. Don't forget to eat fennel after food. it will take care of gas, indigestion and acidity all in one shot.

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