Methadone Withdrawels What Can I Take

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what can i take to help with coming off methadone? I have R.L.S. so theres alot of things I can't take.Any thing I can get at the health food store?

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Anna Says:

I've been on methadone 15 mgs 2 times a day, I lost my prescriptions this month, and even tho I've never lost them b 4 my doctor said I needed to file a police report if I wanted her to rewrite them so I did n now she refuses to rewrite new ones, I've never been in trouble with the law! So now I'm withdrawing, it's thanksgving. day n I have five children, I've contacted my attorney and plan to file a complaint against her with the amb! I need to make this a great day for the family, is it ok to take oxycontin to relive my withdrawal symptoms and if so how much?

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Anna Says:

I've been on methadone for 9yrs, I lost my prescriptions before I was even able to fill them, my doc said I needed to file a police report If I wanted her to rewrite them,so I did and now she refuses to rewrite new ones, I've never been in trouble with the law, I've contacted my attorney n plan on filing a complaint with the amb,it's thanks gving day n I'm withdrawling, I have 5 children n I'm married,I need to make a great day for the fam! My question is can I take oxycontin to fill my receptors n if so how much? Ne replies r greatly appreciated!! Plz help me

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Tonya Says:

I have been on methadone for 18 yrs YES THATS A LONG TIME!!! Methadone saved my life at the time I was taking 50-60 Hydros/day,some Herion & anything i could find to NOT BE SICK. High?? Couldnt remember last time. Need just to fuction. Anyway, Ive been taking 120mlg/day of methadone & due to cercimstances beyond my control, and reasons that were before I got on methadone, I had to kick 120mlg COLD TURKEY!! I wanted to die. Leg cramps BAD for several weeks, vomiting,diahreah for weeks. Slept my 1st full 2 hours aftr 6 weeks!! It took 6 months before i wud sleep w/o waking all nite. First 12 dsys i lost 26 lbs!! Methadone does work but it is harder to get off of than anything ive ever been on & clinic people will tell u same!! B very careful oh & not 1 thing helped me. Took 12 xans -no sleep even tried sleeping pills-nothing!! But it will get better --- UNTIL U START BACK AT METHADONE CLINIC LIKE I DID, not smart

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nikins Says:

Did u ever get help with ur question back in 2011? I hope u were informed that u should be taking Suboxone or subutex for withdrawals.. although if u got through the withdrawals without taking any medication, congrats. Good for u.. if u are STILL looking to get off methadone, plz talk to ur doc about subutex.. that's what i switched to and i skipped withdrawals completely.. than just slowly wein off the sub till ur clean. Wala! Hope ur good!

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sickyboo Says:

I was hooked on opiates for 10 yrs, lots of it but wonted off so went to methadone clinic for the last four yrs, I was on 120mg for three yrs and started reducing my dosage this last yr ,I'm on 45 mg and have just had 45mg three days a week for two weeks and have decided to quit cold turkey, its been five days now and thought it was going to b easy, but it is awful,don't no if I can take it, any advice to help me threw it, had a job, can't work because of it, so do thave a job no more cause can't go, just need advice please, anything

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lisa Says:

I came off Methadone after being on for 25 years and in my opinion there really isn't anything you can take to help you with that. You just have to mentally ready yourself for a ride like nothing else.

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Pimmsy Says:

This is going to sound crazy but in order to avoid withdrawal I will try just about anything. Some guy told me he was captured by the Viet Nam army. They dosed him up heavily on H for several days then they turned him lose in the jungle. He claimed he was lucky to find his troop and he gave me this recipe - it sounds ridiculous I know, it is worth a try.
4 Starlite Mints (restaurant mints red & white pinwheel candies) 4 oranges; 4 lemons; 4 limes. He said to cook it all together and that is what you take. Again, it sounds ridiculous because truly the only thing that helps withdrawals is what you are withdrawing from - opiates or using some kind of blood pressure regulating/lowering medication like Clonidine is helpful. Withdrawals are really bad because your blood pressure is not regulated - it spikes and plummets and it is just makes you so very, very sick. Good luck. If you do try it, please provide feedback.

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ben Says:

Loperamidine helps all opiate WD its in OTC immonium ad at store

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Pimmsy Says:

Get on Clonidine as fast as possible. Go to a minute clinic and explain your story and how you want to come off but you are so sick. They should have no problem prescribing it for you because it is non-narcotic., it is blood pressure medication. The other thing is ride out or return to the clinic and every 3 days cut the dose down by 30%. That is how they did it in the hospital with me.

I feel for you. I really do. As soon as you are off, you need to get on Naltrexone, suboxone, subutex or anything of the like to control your cravings because they will be intense. Your body is going to scream for the opiates like no other.

Good luck, please let me know how you do.

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