Memory And Forgetfullness

saf Says:

I am noticing memory being(forgetfull). I have been on Lipitor from long time 2-3 years, Muscel pain and general weaness...Could it be Lipitor...any body know...?

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Verwon Says:

These are not listed as side effects, please see your doctor.

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Francis Says:

I vomitted twice and once loose motion. The doctor prescribed me with :
1. Suprazole 200(one table thrice daily)
2. Buscopan 10 mg (one tablet thrice daily)
3. Premosan (one tablet thrice daily before meals)
4. ORS (One sachet to be mixed in 1 ltr. of water and taken)
Please advice if OK

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Tampa Health Care Examiner Says:

For the latest research on Lipitor and its effects, go to

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Dr Hemant Says:

dear friend,
Your question is good but keep one thing in mind, your doctor has personally examined you and given you this advice. He is more likely to give good relief than someone on the net who has not even seen you.
Another thing, tell us the CONTENTS of these medicines that you have written.
They are the Brand Names. You must write the smaller letters written underneath.
That is called the Pharmacological name. This name will be the same all over the world.
To the best of my knowledge this advice is good.
If you don't get relief, contact me.
Dr. Hemant B. MD

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Doll Face Says:

I have been taking Lipitor 10mg once a day for over 10 years, can you just stop taking this medicine. My doctor says I have to be on it for life. I want to try a natural supplement.

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warren m Says:

hi,i'm warren from melbourne australia.i had a by pass 2.5 yrs ago and was given lipitor which worked well but gave me hell.muscle pain and weakness.i then took other statins,all painfull and no memory.running a company and general day to day was frustrating to the point i stopped taking med.after a while i would go back on through fear i was heading for trouble.i went to another doctor who gave me lipidil which is not a stain and took squalene.i did a blood test and in 6weeks my reading went from 6.2 to 4.4 which i was very happy with.i'm looking forward to next test to see if there is more improvment.i hope this info is of assistance.and yes my memory has improved.

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