Magnesium Oxide 250 Mg

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After having heart skips or chest pressure and not being able to take statin drugs, since I was alergic to them.(I had a fever and vomiting for 24 hours), I heard that magnesium relaxes arteries, It stopped the chest pressure and heart skips. I use about 3 or 4 pills a day. It also helps with constipation since I have to take narcotics for pain. I hope this helps someone. Magnesium is very low priced at Walmart. Also, if you are on statins, make sure you take CO Q10, 50 to 100 mg because the statins take that out of your body and your heart needs it for a strong beat.

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jaspal singh Says:

I want tablets with 1000 mg of calcium 500 mg magnicium and 1000 iu of d3
Ple inform 3 good brands with price if available

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djs Says:

What dose of Magnesium are you taking? I also have skipped heartbeat(like palpitations) occasionally.

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