List Of Doctors Who Prescribe Oxycodone

Erika Says:

I Broke my arm on December 4th and was prescribed oxycodone. I only take it at night so I can sleep and deal with the pain during the day so I don't run out before the pain stops. I went to a clinic that is covered by my Low income insurance plan but the doctor refused to reissue my prescription. I don't use drugs and don't have an addictive personality. I'm not trying to make myself feel high. I'm still covered with bruises and my arm hurts really badly. I just want another prescription.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Erika! How are you doing? I'm sorry that you're in pain and miserable.

There were new regulations put in place this year that severely restrict what general practice doctors can and cannot prescribe, why they can prescribe it, how much they can prescribe and how long they can prescribe it. Thus, a doctor at the clinic really doesn't have a lot of options, he had to refuse to prescribe it.

If you are in severe pain and go to a local ER, they should be able to help you.

Does anyone else have any recommendations?

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Tracy Says:

Need dr to prescribe strong pain meds in Yakima wa for horrible pain

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noitall Says:

you shouldn't be in this much pain at this point of fracturing your arm. They should recheck the fracture and make sure it's casted right, instead of just writing you pain meds

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