Ilvitrim Suspension

Fanyana Says:

Is Ilvitrim Suspension good for my HIV negative baby?

The doctor prescribe it while she was having a short breath problem.


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David Says:

Hi Fanyana,

Based on my research, Ilvitrim contains the active ingredients Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim; a sulfonamide antibacterial combination that is used in the treatment of a variety of bacterial infections. (not just limited to HIV). If your child's doctor prescribed it for what appears to be an upper respiratory or sinus related infection, Ilvitrim does sound like an appropriate medication for the job. However if you're asking whether or not a powerful antibiotic like this is good for your baby, my personal answer would be no, due to it's high risk of side effects. In which case, I would personally consider other more natural alternatives (i.e. raw garlic, raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, juicing, etc...).

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim Details

I hope this advice helps!

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Fanyana Says:

Hi David

Thanks for your reply, can you elaborate more on the issue of side effects of this powerful antibiotic.


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Mumsy Says:

Hi Fanyana
i went to the GP on monday,my son was coughing and having some blocked nose she prescribed ilvitrim,allergex,linctopent,iliadin and flupain bt nothing seems 2 work,giving him garlic wont complicate his system?pls help my son is onli 13weeks!

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Ntombi Says:

I took my 4year old gal to the Dr. Today and he gave her ilvitrim bt she has boils those small all over the place ones in her armpit so would ilvitrim help her?

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sasha N Says:

Hie my 2years old daughter she coughing. and the Dr gave her ilvitrim does it. Help

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selimoo Says:

Hi Doctor my son was 1 month the give the baby nevirapine and il vitrine is good.i am hiv positive my son test negative after birth the problem is a change breastfeeding to formula is not problem give baby syrup

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Nathy Says:

Hi! My 3 year old daughter was given ilvitrim by the doctor today,she has been developing ring worms all over her head.will it really help her?

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Mpumi Says:

Hi am 28 yrs am HIV positive I started taking treatment in January this year and now when I went to collect my medicine the nurse gave me ilvitrim suspension am I allowed to drink it?

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Jacky Says:

Hi. My 6 week old daughter was given the ilvitrim suspension, but I was not told about the dosage. It just says 2.5 mL four times a day on the bottle. Is that the correct dosage?

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Millicent Says:

Hi. I am hiv+ and my baby tested + at birth so they gave him nevirapine and now he is six weeks old and they didn't test him but they gave him the ilvitrim suspension, so I just want to know whether my baby is hiv+?

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Crusade Says:

Hello... I have a 7 week old child and I was given the ilvitrim suspension but don't understand the use of it and since i am an HIV mother n my baby tested HIV negative, I wanna stop breastfeeding and give him formula milk... Will my child be affected and what are the advantages?

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jenny Says:

I gave my 3 month old son a dosage of 2.5mL ilvitrim suspension and he vomited afterward. Do I have to give him another dose?

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Lesley Says:

I have chronic UTIs and atrophy of the vagina and bladder. I am allergic to many antibiotics because of the lactose ingredient but I seem to tolerate Ilvitrim suspension. Can you tell me if 5ml per day of the suspension is adequate against infection for long term therapy? Each 5ml has 40mg of Trimethoprim and 200mg of sulfamethoxazole in it.

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