If I've Been On 20mg Of Methadone For 3 Days, Will I Get Any Withdrawls If I Stop


I was taking 10mg norco 6× a day for 7 years and wanted off so my sister talked me in to getting on methadone. I've gone for 3 days and been getting 20mg a day but I don't like how it makes me feel. I feel really high on it and feel like I'm gonna pass out. So I don't want to go any more my question is will I have withdrawal from that small amount that I've been on? I've recently been told methadone withdrawal is horrible.

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Hello, Cindy! How are you feeling?

You might be better off asking them to lower the dosage, rather than stopping, because yes, you aren't out of the woods for withdrawals, yet.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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I didn't go today to get a dose. I'm not feeling horrible but not feeling great either. I got a little sweating, hot and cold but nothing horrible. I'm expecting some withdrawal from the norco cause I was on them for so long but I was just hoping I wouldn't get methadone WD. I was really scared after hearing about them. But only taking it for 3 days I don't think I would get methadone WD. I really wasn't happy hearing they up'd me to 30mg yesterday without discussing it with me so I only took half the dose yesterday and dumped the rest.

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After being on norco for so long some withdrawal symptoms will be inevitable, however the symptoms should be mild to moderate, irritability, sleeplessness, loose stool, headache. But you dodged the bullet on the methadone, thank goodness you did not take a high dose for a longer period of time. Stay away from Methadone, unlike other opiate drugs, the "waste" of methadone gets stored in the bones, as long as more methadone is put into the body it is continued to be stashed away in the bones. When methadone is stopped, tapered off very slowly or radical cold turkey, the initial withdrawal is similar to H, then the real nasty kicks in, that waste, or byproduct, starts to leech out of the bones and the pain can be horrific. I was on a 280mg a day dose from a pain management doc, I admit it worked very well on the pain, but my tolerance got higher regularly and the dose needed regular increases to produce the same level of pain relief. I was taken off the methadone and put on dilaudid a high dose, but the withdrawal was still beyond bad. Worse than kicking H. Once the pain in the bones started it went on for a over six months, the intensity began to lessen after just under five months. For me it was worse in my legs, soles of my feet and my neck. If I got hit by a train I'd take an aspirin over methadone.

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I have been taking only 10 mg methadone 1 per day for a year.I stopped 3 days ago and my hips and shoulder joints are killing me.This is the first I have heard about the storage in the bones.I really hope this will not last for months.

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I think it's safe to say that your withdraw symptoms are from narcotic use in general and not from methadone specifically. If you are going to a clinic (don't know that you are), to get methadone isn't it more expensive? If your doctor is prescribing for pain (which is legal and doesn't require special licensure), and you get it from a pharmacy it's extremely cheap. At any rate, you might consider just taking 10mg per dose since you were only taking 10mg of hydrocodone and the methadone is a little stronger. I hope this helps you. Don't let you mind run away with you over withdraw symptoms. 3 days isn't long enough for any opiate to cause withdraw in and of itself. Good luck!

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U not withdraw from the methadone but I'm not understanding if you were using the method on to withdrawal from something else but no you are not withdrawal from methadone alone if you are not using methadone for withdrawal from another drug stopping methadone immediately do not ever touch it again!

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Any advice on the best way to come off Methadone? Me, I've been on it for 10 years. I've tried twice to detox. First time I got down to 50 mg and went cold turkey. I had some over the counter relievers like ibuprofen, anti diarrhea. Needless to say, after 1 week of horrible withdrawal I went back to methadone clinic. The 2nd time I tried to come off I checked myself in to an in patient detox center in Texas. I stayed there for 9 days and lost 20 pounds, from diarrhea, nausea and no appetite. The withdrawal was brutal. My legs cramping, shakes, insomnia, the list goes on and on. I left there and went straight to clinic to get back on methadone. My friends said "why didn't you tough it out?" Just a few more days and you could've made it. It is easy for people to give advice who have Not experienced it. It is scary thinking of going thru it again but I want to get off this so bad. I've reduced my intake to 40 mg now so am trying to taper down. Should I go down to like 10 mg before trying detox again? If anyone out there has actually gotten off Methadone and has helpful tips, it would be much appreciated.

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No, you will not. It takes about 30 days of prescribed dosing to go through any noticeable withdrawal and that is with no taper. Decades of experience to back it uo;

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3 days is not enough and the methadone is stronger than Norco's talk to Dr. before trying

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What about the Norco ? how have you been able to get over that with three days of methadone?

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You should have no problem stopping it after just a few days without any withdrawal

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