Identifying Foreign Zopiclone - Called Zopicon

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it came in very small strip, tablet is round, white and has Z9 printed on it - I am not sure about this has anyone else seen them like this?

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Robin Hood Says:

Ive had them before,they're from india and they seem to have the same effects as Zopiclone. The only thing Ive noticed is that you seem to very quickly develope a tolerance to these Zopicon,the same may be true of imovane or other brands of this drug,i dont know?

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Verwon Says:

It is very hard to know what you are getting when you order foreign drugs, they are not regulated like those approved for use in the U.S.

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Insomnia Says:

Zopicone is definitely not the same as Imovane, I am actually a bit concerned after using it for a week. It takes me much longer to start the day, get my head clear and I feel very sluggish. It is supposed to be a version of the generic drug but it is definitely not. I would choose Imovane bought in the UK or US in the future.

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kels Says:

Imovane make me feel relly ill next morning. Have just started trying zopicon from united pharmacies and they are brilliant!!! Knock me out in half hour get a full nights sleep and feel normal when i wake up.... never touching imovane again!!

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sweeps Says:

yes i have had them shipped from hongkong they are the same and even get the metalic taste

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Zopicon finder Says:

Zopicon (Zopiclone) from unitedpharmacies are fine. Do exactly same job as ones prescribed by my GP, bought from Boots. I found with these though, I don't get the same metallic taste as the 'authentic ones' from Boots gave me! Bit of a result. But like the other poster said - off to proper sleep within half an hour. Brilliant.

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ann Says:

Where to get zopicon without a scam

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Sleepless Says:

After being regularly prescribed ambien I did not like the zoplicon. It is not in the same family of drugs like lunesta or ambien. It acted more like a Xanax. I ended up taking 8 and still never fell asleep. I am back on my ambien and it is so reliable.

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Annie Says:

Yes I have exactly the same in past but now have some with nothing on.

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Blondey78 Says:

I have the same. I m wondering if they are really 7.5mg and worried about taking them but have bought 200

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Net Says:

Re: Zopicon finder (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I have these all the time they work same as English Zopiclone without the metallic taste these are sweet

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Net Says:

Yes I take these all the time it has z9 which belongs to Zopiclone 7.5mg medication you don't get metallic taste these are sweet my come from Singapore I think I'm happy with mine.

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