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I need this medican. It seems, that it has been taken off the market. I cannot take subsitutes. Please advise where I might purchase this drug.

Jo Ann Ghormley

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Roy Says:

Drugstore.com seems to sell it in 0.125mg tablets. Are you restricted to a particular manufacturer, dose, or form? I hope this helps and good luck!

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Betty Says:

0.375 Hyoscyamine ER can be purchased at CVS.
That is where I buy mine.

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yaya Says:

I took hyoscyamine for spastic colon, it was perfect- like a cure. then it was discontinued due to FDA rules that said it had to be retested. the drug companies wont spend the money for this, so they discontinue, even tho it has worked for many people for years. the subs don;t work. where can I get the real thing?

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, I really wish I had some advice for you.

Hyoscyamine is an antispasmodic, commonly used to treat certain stomach and bowel issues.

I am uncertain why it was removed from the market, it may have been caught in the recent FDA investigations into drugs that they had never actually approved.

Have you tried any other alternatives and have you spoken to your doctor about it?

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meme Says:

i don't have a problem obtaining this medication, however, i do not have insurance and this is very expensive.it costs 27.00 for 20 tablets taken 2-3x/day. there is nothing that helps me like this. There have been times i could not buy my medicine and could not eat anything.Does anyone know where i can find prescription help. no one seems to ever hear of hyosyamine.

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kay Says:

I just got some at Cub Pharmacy

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Kelly Says:

I took my first Hyoscyamine 0.375 mg ER yesterday, it made me dizzy and I felt weird,but I did feel better later in the day. Is that normal. I take this for ulcerative colitis. I wonder if I can cut this pill in half?

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