Hyoscyamine (levsin)

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My mother's nursing home says they can no longer give my mother this drug because it is no longer being made. Is this true? Two days without the drug and she starts throwing up from too much saliva in her stomach. She is 89 and will die without it. Is there another equivalant drug avaliable??
Please tell me where to turn. Thanks so much. Virginia Holloway
Baton Rouge, La.
vaholloway at aol

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Roy Says:

Hi Virginia,

From what I found, it is just a rumor that it has been withdrawn from the market.

"RUMOR: Hyoscyamine (Levsin, Levbid, etc) is going off the market.
TRUTH: All hyoscyamine products are unapproved. They came on the market before FDA approval was required. The FDA hasn't taken any action against these products...yet. But several companies have voluntarily withdrawn their products." [1]

Also searching sites such as drugstore.com for Levsin returns several results, including the generic equivalent [2]. So it seems like it is still available, although I have not completely confirmed it.

If your mother's well being is at stake, I would definitely get on their ass, because they appear to be mistaken. Hopefully they will not give you the runaround, and will come up with a creative solution for getting Hyoscyamine for her. There are also a number of other equivalent brand names for this.

Hope this helps and good luck! Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do...

[1] http:/­/­www.pharmacistsletter.com/­(S(5ztn0aqbuj2wbn55qoi2oq45))/­pl/­Browse.aspx?cs=&s=PL&fpt=31&rtid=220&cat=4328

[2] http:/­/­www.drugstore.com/­pharmacy/­prices/­drugprice.asp?ndc=58177001704

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Laynie Says:

I used to take Levbid for Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Disease, and it worked well. Before that, I took Donnatal Extentabs - they also worked quite well. Both were timed-release formulas, providing steady relief of symptom throughout the day. According yo my pharmacists, both have been discontinued. They were cheap meds in generic form, and apparently the companies were making no profit at all, so they stopped making them. And the pharmacies are big chain stores - even they weren't able to find a supply anywhere. Now I'm using Bentyl, and it does help somewhat, but it is taken several times of day when you feel twinges starting - it doesn't have a timed-release formula, which is a shame. If anyone knows how to find Donnatal Extentabs or Levbid, please share! My doctor would be glad to be able to help me get them.

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