How Long Will Suboxone Keep Their Potentsy If They Are Expired

Adrian Says:

I have sublingual strips that have been expired for about a month now are they still good?

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Midiman Says:

They should be fine, especially if they are still sealed in the package.

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David Says:


Midiman is right... they should be fine since the expiration date wasn't too long ago.

Harvard Medical School did a study stating that many medications like this can actually retain their potency for up to 10 to 15 years beyond their expiration date.

The shelf life of Suboxone may be listed as 3 years, but I think it's been proven to retain its potency much longer under proper storage conditions.

I hope this helps!

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Ally Says:

I take 8 mg suboxone and I only take a small piece of it and then put the rest back in the package. As long as it stays sealed and in a dry place they dont lose alot of their potency.

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Nancy Says:

If I have expired suboxone from a year and a half ago- but it's never been open and is still sealed never opened can It be taken?

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Themonkeyonmybackisgone Says:


Yes the subox shelf life is 3 years and seeing the product is sealed you are well within the effectiveness period.
Normally it's environmental factors that can degrade the pharmaceutical but poses no true danger. If this medication was legit rx'd to you then by all means use it. Hope that helps

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Nancy Says:

Thank you so much!! Yes it was prescribed to me of course - I have had the strips sealed in the perscption bottle but they are expired - however I need to take them as my insurance changed and will not cover the new script so I need to take what I have -and I can't afford to pay for it right now- and I will need to take it the expired ones right now - I just got nervous because they are expired. I appreciate your help and quick response! Thank you again!!

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Manuel Says:

Hey guys so I the suboxone film strips they expired on July of this year are they still good

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Cherry Says:

Can i plz ask uboxone tablet exp 5yrs,does it stilk work?

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Mel Says:

Re: David (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have the fentanyl suckers and it expire January of 2012 it's been sealed and kept a proper temperature do you think it will be OK

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Mike Says:

Re: Cherry (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

It does still work. Not as potent but still effective. Good luck.

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Ally Says:

My friend had suboxone that had expired and over some time even though they weren't opened they had dried up and weren't as strong.

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Mikefromnyc Says:

Iv been taking 150 mg of roxy for the past 6 years
I have few bottles of 8mg ta subs iv been saving.but they are expired for 5 years.
Will these be ok to take.
They havent been open and have been in a shoe box in my closet.
Please any advice would be helpful

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Ra Says:

Re: Ally (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

So can u still use an opiate the same day you use an expired Suboxone

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