Guaifenex Pse 600/120 Tb Saeth

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guaifenex pse 600/120 tb saeth
was taken off the market because, as I was told, drug companies no longer want to pay for this prescription. So, who still sells it.

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Mithra Says:

If insurance companies are no longer willing to pay for this perscription, does their power include taking this drug off of the market. What if the patient is willing to cover the cost of the perscription and bypass using insurance. And the drug stores are unwilling to obtain the drug, is this a case where insurance is creating problems for patients getting their perscribed drug? Since this is a prescription used for many different problems, how can the insurance companies have the power to just make it vanish.

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Verwon Says:

To update this for anyone looking for products like this, the problem ingredient is the Pseudoephedrine that's in them and it isn't that it's been removed from the market, it's just been put behind the pharmacy counter due to people using it to make Meth.

In order to purchase medications that contain it, you have to ask at your pharmacy, there are limits on how much you can buy at once, you have to show identification and you have to sign for it.

Learn more Pseudoephedrine details here.

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Robbia Says:

I need the Guaifenex PSE 600/120 SAETH to help me get rid of colds and chest congestion. So far, it is the only medication that really works to clear out the problem. I cannot understand why it was taken off the market. Every good and effective medication is taken off the market. Mucinex is a watered-down version of Guaifenex that does not work. it's almost like the system wants sick people. I want the Guaifenex PSE 600 back!

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