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zetia Says:

I would liketo know if lovastatin is the generic brand for zetia

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john cuomo Says:

i would like to know if this is a gereric brand for zetia . i find that the zetia is too expensive for me i do not have adequate coverage. and how would i go about ordering this druf=g for myself?? i do have a prescription at this time and am paying $28.00 for a 30 day supply.

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EricO Says:

No. Lovastatin is the generic name for the statin Mevacor, not Zetia (which is not a statin at all). Which you'd have found out if you typed "lovastatin" into Google or Yahoo search. Der.

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EricO Says:

And while I'm here, Zetia is too new to have a generic version, and stop complaining that it costs $28 a month. It costs me over $125 a month, and even under my prescription plan it would be at least $35 a month. You're very lucky.

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Joe Says:

I'm paying $100 for 90 days worth of Zetia. I was taking Zocor/Simvistatin. I was switched to Zetia when I started showing high liver enzymes. Medco didn't like the cost of Zetia so they turned me down citing that There are more inexpensive drugs out there for cholesterol. Use them. After my Dr. faxed them a letter stating why I was prescribed Zetia. 3 days later, on a Saturday I received a phone call from a Medco representative tell me I was approved for Zetia.

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