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I need help in obtaining my drug prescriptions. I have been cut of of medi-cal and have no health insurance. I am unemployed and have no income. Medicines I take are Topiramate 200mg and phenytek 300mg. any help would be appricated.

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Shinelady Says:

Contact NeedyMeds. They will give you the name of the drug company and they have a form for you to fill out if you have no insurance. Also your local Ship or Shine counselor

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delightful Says:

most drug companies offer some sort of patient assistance program that would allow you to get the medication at a discounted rate or free. You could ask your dr about it. He may have to fill out some paperwork to process it (verification that you have a condition and need the medication)

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Merreya Says:

My medical/prescription insurance ended July 1, 2014. Now I'm at the end of my meds. Can I get the cost for depakote, dialantin & lexapro? Generic's fine since I'll be borrowing money to purchase these three prescribed meds.

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Roy Says:

You might also find the prescription savings card which this site offers to be helpful. It's free to print out and use anyways. Here is a link: rx discount card.

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Dannyneedlesca Says:

Sorry to hear about your trouble.
Any as the last post said there are a lot of patient assistant programs that cover costs and go payments for under and uninsured patience a quick Google search or whatever internet service you use should provide you with enough to keep you busy for a while good luck God bless
Ps I used patient assistance Network pan a to pay for my co-payment on harvoni

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