Fentanyl Urine Test

j man Says:

I am perscribed fentanyl 50 mcg hr from pain management and have a urine test tom. I ran out early cuz they dont stay on. I want to know if they do a dip test are they able to check for fentanyl or just if im using other opiates

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Angel Says:

I am wondering the same thing, I cut mine in half put it on, because two of mine would not stay on I did find some tape however have to have a test today and wanting to know if it will show up can someone please answer our question

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Protstr Says:

There is a huge difference between Fentanly and other opiates in urine tests in just a simple test the ONLY thing that shows the same is herion. Oxycontin and Percocet n Vicadin all show the same and then Dilaudid n Hydromorph-contin n Hydropmorphine all show the same Morphene shows by itself and Fentanyl shows by itself like i said the only thing that gives same positive for Fentanyl n Morphine is the street drug heroin

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S W I M Says:

Re: Protstr (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

No. That isn’t correct. I work for a rehab and am responsible for the UA’s and the Lab tests for clients. Fentanyl will ONLY show as fentanyl unless it’s cut with other opiates. And vice versa with other opiates and fet. Heroin on most drug tests shows as morphine, unless it’s cut with other “oxy” opiates”. And most other opiates will show as oxy, unless they are cut with heroin or fentanyl. Fentanyl is basically SYNTHETIC heroin/opium/morphine. Very similar but it’s impossible for fentanyl to test as anything but fentanyl. The tests for them are relatively new and pretty expensive compared to other tests. That’s why they aren’t on most drug panels, typically they will take a single panel test dipstick and test using that.

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