Feel Like Crying

calvin Says:

I feel sad and feel like crying, I don't know what is wrong. I am on
straterra also. I take .25 of symbrax.

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roy Says:

Dear Calvin,

I hope this message finds you well. There are always a myriad of side effects and things to complicate existing conditions when taking certain drugs. With that said, hopefully your doctor or pharmacist can attest to the symptoms you have been having as a result of being on these meds.

Also, have you considered any support groups? Sometimes being around others going through a similar experience can be helpful. During some difficult times in my life I was able to get the support and inspiration needed for healing by attending a weekly discussion group. I truly hope you can find an outlet as well. May the vibrance and fullness of life come back to you.

Best Wishes!

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SoStarry Says:

I wish you joy, maybe you need to find a hobby, or is your pills making you unhappy, sometime it take weeks before the pills work.

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