Fake Phentermine

lil butt Says:

Just got some 37.5 phentermine pills from ensenada. They are brown round pills. Are these fake? If so, does anyone know what they are? Thanks.

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Crystal Says:

Can you please describe the pill? Any imprints, letters or numbers? scored? Any more information you give me will help me locate the right pill.

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lil butt Says:

It is a round brown pill with dch etched on one side in lower case letters with what appears to be a small triangle above the c.

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princess Says:

Those are real. I lost 30 lbs. with those. You have more. I am interested in them Lil Butt. By the way my butt is very lil too!

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Ha1ley11 Says:

Lil butt have you tried them yet? Do you care to comment if they have any of the same side effects as typical phen?

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mommabear2five Says:

lil butt, where did you get them from in Ensenada? Which pharmacy? Did you need a RX?

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lil butt Says:

of course u don't need a rx..it's mexico and the brown 37.5 pills are not real. the normal phen from mexico is a better bet.

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bunco lady22176 Says:

i bought the same brown round pills does anyone if they are real. i have no side effects like energy

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Chrissy Says:

The phenterime i got are white oblong with blue specks in,i took two today but they don't seem to work,got from Qualis cambridge uk,does anyone no if these tablets are real thing?The site i ordered from say they are,seem genuine,but i doubt they are.

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Kelly Says:

you can get the phentermine here at
xxxxxxxxxxx [spam link removed] dot webs dot com It is reliable and legit. It is not the 37.5, but the 30s., they work really well though.

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DVDotsy Says:


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Robin Says:

scammed twice now--but here is the strange part--they sent PHENTERMIN instead of PhenterminE--but sent a sample of 4 authentic Viagra pills with the order. Does that make sense? btw, the ones I received are rounded, beige, with brown and blue speckles and they are in the sealed individual bubbles (not loose) and the foil on the back reads, Only for export quality Phentermin 37.5 tablets Qualitest Pharma Inc. Kansas K-25 with the little R for registered symbol above. On the front of the blister package it is embossed with, 3215E5 14

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Christy Says:

I never heard of brown phentermine but I received FAKE phentermine twice from rxwholesale.net and they had the right number scored in the surface. I called and told them they were fake and they sent me another bottle of the same thing. I am reporting it and having the pharm figure out what it is. I think they are tictacs really. They are sweet to taste. Anyway, DO NOT order form them

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alwayssmiling Says:

The ones that I have which I purchased from a clininc are the same as described white with blue speckles and they work!

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Carla Says:

The exact thing has happened to me with rx-wholesale.net. They sent me what was supposed to be phentermine, they even looked like them. But also had the sweet taste. I took one, and NOTHING happened. No energy, NOTHING. So now they are supposed to be sending me more. I have a feeling they will be the exact same thing!!!! I just want my 160 dollars back!!

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milli Says:

OMG, same thing happened to me, from RX Wholesale too. Paid big bucks and I took them for 4 days, I have a huge headache, I was hyper for periods of time but then tired and they were sweet. I'm really worried what was in them, did you find out? i would love to know as I feel today (first day i didnt take then) like I partied for a week, my brain feels so strange too, like I was dosed or something...really scared

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milli Says:

Fake pills look exactly the same as the real thing. You don't know till you taste them or take them...all I know RXWholesale is a rip off and phentermine dot c o m is promoting them on their site. I took them for 4 days and feel so sick, whats in them and how can I find out? i'm worried

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Blake Stone Says:

If you are not used to taking these then yes you will feel high, hyper, dry mouth, but I had no appetite. Once hell of a headache when you come down normally in the evening. Do not take them at night. Do not drink coffee with these or take more than 30 days. Your body will build a tolerance after about 3 to 4 weeks. I lost 17 pounds in 30 days. Drink lots of water with them and a light work out, but do not push. Walking is best if you want. I dont remember the taste, but most are chalky, but did not take the time to taste them. Swallowed with water. Sometimes they come in a bottle, other times in a small bubble wrap. RX never sent me tic tacs so that is a new one on me. I have heard the HCL Activator works great and you can eat about 500 calories and not be hungry. A friend of mine lost 24lbs in 30 days with the HCL.Be careful with anything you take, but with these you will experience the side effects above. I know I did.

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Faintofheart Says:

My mom purchased phentermine from rx-wholesale.net after seeing me lose about 30 lbs on it (which had been prescribed to me by a physician). When she told me it wasn't working for her I asked to see the pills. They looked very similar but tasted sweet...and anybody who has taken the real thing knows it has a bitter taste to it. Luckily, I work for a hospital and had the pharmacist analyze it. He told me it was basically a sugar pill (hence, why some people may feel hyper after taking it). My mom tried calling rx-wholesale.net twice to let them know what she had received was nothing more than sugar pills and that she wanted a refund. Both calls mysteriously ended after she requested a refund. I guess she then got the credit card company involved to dispute the charge. When the credit card company called rx-wholesale.net's customer service, they promised my mom a refund within 15 business days. It hasn't been 15 business days yet, but I would be shocked if a company that sends people sugar pills instead of actual medication followed through with their promise of a refund. You have been warned, do not buy anything from this website! If you truly feel you need a medication, go to a licensed physician and get a prescription!

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sallymae Says:

Can anyone tell me where to get Phentermine/Adipex online without a prescription without getting ripped off or scammed?

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rainyday87 Says:

Hi MILI i tried to reply to you on the phentermine forums i bought mine from that site too which sent me to RX wholesale and its only been 1 day since I took them, but they had the sweet taste u were describing and I can't tell if they are helpful. My appetite didn't decrease that much..but slightly. It could have been a placebo I don't know. But I was very concentrated for a few hours, but nothing much more then that. SUCKS

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