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My doctor changed me from Effexor XR capsules 37.5 mg. to 37.5 mg Venlafaxine XR (white tablet). I am now having a lot of vertigo/dizziness. Has anyone else experienced this with the switch to generic Effexor XR?

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jenn Says:

I too am having dizziness since the switch. I have been taking the generic for a little over a week. I also experieced a bout w/ nausea and vomiting. That could be a coincidence.

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Sandy Says:

I notice a definite difference in the new generic. I feel a bit depressed. I also notice that if for some reason I miss my dose, even for a few hours I get the head zaps...if you know what I mean. I missed a dose completely yesterday and I feel sick to my stomach. I took it right away and am feeling a bit better. It is definitely different that the real thing.

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Michael Says:

I am having the exact same problem since switiching to a generic. I actually just got a new prescription and the effect is worse than before. It used to be that if I missed one dose I'd be dizzy but now, even if I take the dose, I still have potential to get dizzy.

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Jewl Says:

I just stopped taking Effexor, It was not only making me dizzy, my depression got much worse. I slept all the time, absolutely NO energy, rapid weight gain, very lightheaded and bizzare dreams. I only wish I had stopped taking this drug sooner!

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Mary Says:

I've taken EffexorXR, extended-release capsules, for about 10 years. When my prescription drug plan substituted the generic venlafaxine, it came in tablets, which were not only less effective but were causing me a great deal of nausea - something that had never happened with the capsules.
My doctor said extended-release (XR) capsules are designed to release the drug slowly over several hours, giving the brain a steadier, more even supply. In contrast, the tablets released the drug all at once, and the levels in my brain were never constant. Further, the drug was irritating the nerves (receptors) in my stomach.
Thank goodness I can now get the generic in XR form (capsules).

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Liz Says:

I had to find a completely new pharmacy chain that still used name brand Effexor ER because the generic was of not use at all. I have taken other generic drugs with no problems so I'm not a name-brand snob. I was willing to pay cash for the whole prescription if necessary. But a week ago I decided to go cold turkey. I've been on Effexor since 1995 and XR since it came out. Weaned my self down from 225 mg/day to 37.5 Really am interested in going off all meds. Three of my four prescriptions are Effexor XR, something for one side effect of Effexor and something for another side effect of Effexor. I ran out a week and a day ago and just decided not to refill. So far am having no withdrawal problems except dizziness, a headache and the continuous sound of Niagara Falls in my head (with the sound of air brakes now and then). Does anyone know when the noises and dizziness will finally go away?

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