Does Suboxone Help With Body Pains?


My friend has been clean for like 9 days now and her doctor prescribed her suboxone after she said her body hurt? Is that the reason? Cause I would love to know...

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Suboxone is prescribed for pain in other countries but here in the states as far as I know it,s only prescribed to treat opiate addiction. The pain your friend is feeling could be from withdrawal. Maybe your friend has other pain issues and also has a pain pill problem and the patient and doctor decided to start suboxone treatment. I,m taking sub for addiction but also have pain issues. the subs help for both problems. Some folks say that subs don,t help there pain at all. I can only say what works for me.

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Dear Kayla, as Jolter said," the pain could b due 2 withdrawals". I'm on suboxone and I suffer from many medical problems that cause me pain. Sometimes , the suboxone helps and other times it doesn't. But , it's still soon since she's been off the stuff she was taken. So , it very well may b withdrawals she's feeling. Does she feel better now on the suboxone? That would help u know.

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Subixone is help with pain but if its any serious pain itDoesnt wirk well for pain, or atleast it did not for me !!

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