Doctors Willing To Prescribe Xanax In Las Vegas?

Stormy Moniz Says:

I just recently moved to Vegas from St. George, UT and coincidentally, my primary physician, who was prescribing me xanax for my anxiety disorder (social anxiety, panic attacks, you name it) passed away about 3 months after moving to Vegas. So now, I have to find a physician in Las Vegas who would be open to prescribing xanax because from what I hear, a lot of doctors in this city try to avoid prescribing xanax at all costs. If anybody can refer me to a doctor that specializes in anxiety treatment (yes, I know psychiatrists) and prescribes xanax, but actually give me the doctor's information, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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chandra Says:

I have anxiety has been prescribed Xanax what doctor is the best .

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Eddy Says:

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Any licensed Medical Doctor can help. I'm in the Tri State Vegas area (California-Neveda-Arizona) and have had little problem finding the medicine I need

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Debretta Says:

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Hi Eddy...can you give me a Dr.'s name who will prescribe xanax? I'm in Las Vegas and lost my psychiatrist and don't know where to turn! help please. thank you

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