Can I Lose Weight On Phentermine Hydrochoride 37 5mg If Do Not Workout

Destiny Says:

can i still lose weight on phentermine hydrochloride 37.5mg if i do not workout and just diet

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David Says:

Hi Destiny,

While proper dieting is an essential factor for optimal weight loss, I believe exercise can only help you reach your goals faster, and is also a key component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle regardless of whether you do it for your physique or general well-being.

And although Phentermine works by decreasing your appetite, it seems like you may still have to put in a modest amount of physical effort depending on what your goals are.

At the end of the day weight management will always come down to calories in verses calories burned. But the immense benefits of a healthy diet and exercise combined, do complement each other very nicely if you have a solid foundation for maintaining it.

I hope this helps!

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tiny Says:

I just started taking phenylethylamine CHI with diet and exercise can I lose weight

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