Can Doxytet / Metazol Help Me Conceive

Tina Says:

Am trying to get pregnent my pharmacist game me doxytet and metazol can they help me to conceive?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Tina! How are you?

No, these are just antibiotics that are used to treat or prevent bacterial infections and they shouldn't be taken, unless your doctor confirms the presence of infections and tells you that one is needed.

How long have you been trying to get pregnant? Are you menstrual cycles regular? Are you on any other medications? How old are you?

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Tina Says:

Am 26yrs its been a year now trying, the doctor prescribed pregovita m for me n sperm aid for huby, yes my cicle is normal I go to periods on the 11th or 12th of every these have any success rate? Or is there anything that u can suggest we can use to speed up the process? Please help...

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lisa Says:

Hi, my name is lisa. I am a 35yr old. have had 4 miscairrages in the last 5 yrs. they say my progesterone level is low, so the baby stops growing at 6 months. my gynea normally gives me provrra to help with the progeterone, but nothing works. can you help

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riri Says:

Hi I want to get pregnant faster. Is there anything that can help my fertility?

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Violet singende Says:

Can I use metazold to clean my womb?

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nenza Says:

I had miscarriage of two months because of growth in my uterus so doctor gave me anaerobyl and adco prolief can this pills help for stopping growth and what is the possibility of having health pregnancy next time?

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Sipho Says:

What can I use to get my wife pregnant? I'm always tired, but I need something to boost my sperm count?

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Vee Says:

My doctor give me doxytet,metronidazole nd prescription of azythrongen will thy help me 2 b come pregnant faster??

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