Blue 1mg Vs Green 1mg

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Which is stronger the blue 1mg football or the green 1mg football xanax?

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Verwon Says:

If they are both 1mg, then neither is stronger, because they are both the same dosage.

Xanax, which contains the active ingredient Alprazolam, is a Benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability.

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phillip Says:

Can the greens get older and get weaker? i get blues now the pharmacy didn't have them so i got green ones they seem way weaker for some old reason.

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phillip Says:

i mean't odd not old lol.

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FreeSpeaker Says:

Ive been taking the blue 1mg and just recieved the green today...I had to take twice as much to get the same relief i have no doubt the green are weaker I just want to why]

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FreeSpeaker Says:

I have been taking the blue 1 mg generic xanax for over a year now...The pharmacy ran out this month so gave me the green ones...I literally had to take twice as many green to get twice the relief so i took it back and got a full refund and blue ones to replace..which means something is amiss the question is why...there is a lot of support behind this

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FreeSpeaker Says:

Read my post higher on the list

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Comments Says:

I have had a benzo habit for about 7 years now. Personally I prefer the generic green xanax over any other, even the brand name ones that have xanax imprinted on them. I also like the round 2 mg. (pies). I am from Baltimore MD and there are so many fake xanax on the street now its ridiculous. Also if I had the choice over xanax or klonipin, I prefer the klonipin..

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Barbara Says:

I agree. I've been taking the blue oval 1 mg 3 times daily, which has worked for years. Then 3 weeks ago my Dr. wrote me the same script and I got green instead of blue! I thought they gave me sugar pills, they are definitely different other than color! The greens are much weaker! Then, before that I went to a dr. that was covered by my insurance and the stupid ass took me off all meds I had been taking for years and gave me a Xanax er 1 a day 0.02 /0.25 mg, thought I was going crazy and had the shakes. I would suggest to everyone not to take this Xanax er, it's really scary. It made anxiety worse! So, when I go back to my real dr. next week I have to make sure I get my blues! So glad to know other people are having these issues. I have insurance, but don't like the insurance BCBS. I had Humana last year and they were great! So I just go once a month to my regular dr., pay $150 bucks for my visits and my insurance helps with the scripts! Thanks again for letting me vent!

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Angie Says:

I'm so glad to hear other people are having the same issue with these green pills! I knew something was wrong with them, but what can be done? Complain to the manufacturer? Ive taken the blue oval alprazolam for years for anxiety and then this new pharmacy i used gave me green, so ive been trying it for a few weeks and it doesnt work as fast or as well as the blue! I tried asking my pharmacy if they could return them or exchange and they said no. That once they leave the pharmacy they can't take them back. So now im going to go thru them twice as fast and have to explain to my doctor why i need a refill sooner, which you know will be a pain! The pharmacy told me that they can get the blue pills next time, i just have to request it, but im sure their getting some kind of discount for giving out these cheaply made one's. I wish i could have this green pill tested for the ingredients! Also my mom uses Klonopin generic 1mg and they were blue round and same pharmacy gave her a smaller round pill very light blue or almost white and she is having the same issue!

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