Apixaban Rash

DavidR Says:

After two years on apixaban I have developed an itchy rash. It's subsurface and is most intense around my waist. My doctor wants me to change to xarelto. I am delaying starting another blood thinner until the rash subsides.

Can anyone share their experience with these symptoms and their solution ? Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

While this medication is listed by the FDA as causing a rash as a side effect, or as a possible allergic reaction, it is odd that it would appear after 2 years of taking it, though we are all different, and I am not a doctor.

How long have you been off of it, now?

There is a chance of your experiencing rebound effects, such as blood clots, if you stop it abruptly, without switching to a different medication, according to NIH warnings, so it is best to be careful and follow your doctor's instructions.

Has there been any change?

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DavidR Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for your prompt response.

The very low intensity rash started after about one year I started taking metoprolol and apixaban.

I've been off the apixaban medication for a bit more than a week after having used it for more than two years together with the beta blocker, metoprolol. In consultation with my doctor, I stopped the metoprolol about three months ago. Holter tests after 10 weeks showed almost the same rate control results, with and without metoprolol, except that without metoprolol I do not have very low heart rates when I'm sleeping.

He suggested a pause and then changing blood thinners. I haven't started the new blood thinner yet.

So far, there has been no change in the intensity of the rash. I suspect that you are correct in suggesting the rash is an allergy related to something else.

Thanks again, DavidR

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DavidR Says:

After one month 'off' apixaban, the rash has subsided a modest amount. It's not quite as intense nor as widely spread a month ago,

My dermatologist has taken a biopsy and will have results in ten days or so.

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