Anaerobyl And Doxytet Side Effects

ntomby Says:

Hi, I want to know how long do the side effects of anaerobyl last for? I have an allergic rash on my body and it itches so bad. Please help me.

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Verwon Says:

It may take a couple of weeks for such symptoms to fully go away, once you finish your course of treatment. I experienced one to a different antibiotic a couple of years ago and that's how long it took for it to clear up for me.

Have you tried anything to alleviate the itching? My doctor prescribed a topical steroid cream to help with mine.

Have you experienced any other allergic symptoms, such as swelling or swollen glands, as listed by the FDA?

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Pee Says:

I went to a doctor he said my cervix is inflammed (swollen) so he gave me doxytet and anaerobyl but it's making me feel dizzy l don't know why

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