Zytomil 10 And Pasrin 10mg

Nene Says:

Hi, my psychiatrist has put me on Zytomil 10mg and 10mg for Pasrin , 3 months ago.I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, panick attacks, major depressive disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. I'm struggling at the moment to take my medication because i fear the effects of these medicatios. I struggle with these disorders on a daily basis and would like for them to go away, but my FEAR of these medications is standing in the way. I don't want to take a pill then end up having a panic attack because I'm too busy worrying on what bad these pills can do to me. I think my problem is that im too worried about the 'bad' effects more then anything. I keep googling these medications and everytime i read up i find so many side effects. I can deal with the minor side effects such as the nausea but its the extreme side effects that worry me the most such as coma. I have not taken my medication ,I'm desperate and frustrated at the same time. What can I do?

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