Yellow Fever Vaccine & Fertility

kaveri sivakumar Says:

Dear Doctors,
Warm Greetings.
My son is to be administered with Yellow-fever Vaccine for his trip to Ethiopia. He is married for 10 years and not yet blessed with children. Can he be administered with the vaccine? Will that affect his infertility still worse? I shall be thankful if I am cleared of the issue within a couple of days, please?

Kaveri Sivakumar
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Verwon Says:

The Yellow Fever Vaccine has actually not been tested for its effects on fertility, so I there is no way of knowing whether or not it will cause any issues.

People are warned to wait 2 weeks to a month, before trying to conceive if they've had this vaccine, because its effects on a fetus are also unknown, since it is a live virus vaccination.

Has he discussed this with his doctor?


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kaveri sivakumar Says:

Thanks very much doctor. He had the vaccine and finished the tour. I'll advise him accordingly to refrain for a month. With regards,

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