Xalatan Causes Hair Growth ?

Nick J Says:

Here is an interesting story. Obviously I cannot validate it too much but wanted to throw this information out there and see if anybody else has heard of it.

Basically about 6 years ago an Asian coworker friend of mine was mentioning that some of her friends had gotten prescriptions for Xalatan in order to grow facial hair. I came to learn that Xalatan is primarily used to treat the eyes, not cause hair growth! The reason I mentioned that she was Asian is because she explained that many Asian men do not grow thick facial hair. But after applying Xalatan to their faces, after some time, their facial hair supposedly came in thicker.

Very interesting, I thought to myself. Then I went ahead and was reading some of Xalatan's side effects. Listed are:

- May permanently darken eyelashes
- May cause thickening of the eyelashes

I wonder if this med can be used to cause hair regrowth on the scalp or other areas of the body. Anybody have anything to add?

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Roy Says:

Has anybody tried this yet? Right now I use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and my hair is still as thick as it was when I was 22 yrs old. Right now I am almost 28. I think Nioxin has worked really well because technically I am prone to hair loss from both sides of my family. It has at least maintained what I had when I started.

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james Says:

Maybe just explain this to your doctor and then get a prescription. You can test it for a couple months on a specific area and see if the results are favorable. Please report your findings back to everyone!

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Dr. Alan Bauman Says:

I have some hair loss patients who have tried xalatan and lumigan for hair growth and it does seem to work modestly--probably as good as a high%-minoxidil. Minoxidil, however, requires 2/day dosing whereas the prostaglandin-analogues only require once a day application. Also, it is quite expensive.

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M&M Says:

I've gone through 2 bottles of Xalatan .005. I have A.A for 7 years, and It brought in all my lashes, however, the rest of the body im not sure about. I ordered mine off a mexican pharmacy

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Bob - Says:

Yes indeed - I've been using Xalatan for years - my beard is greatly heavier, my body has more hair, my arms & legs - and it's a damn nuisance - it affects testerone -presently I'm trying to convince my opthalmologist - I use xalatan to reduce IOP - glaucoma -

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Roy Says:

Here's a more recent study which sounds promising:

"Sixteen men with mild androgenetic alopecia (Hamilton II-III) were included. Latanoprost 0.1% and placebo were applied daily for 24 weeks on two minizones on the scalp. Measurements on hair growth, density, diameter, pigmentation, and anagen/telogen ratio were performed throughout the study ... At 24 weeks, an increased hair density on the latanoprost-treated site was observed compared with baseline (n = 16, P < .001) and placebo-treated site (P = .0004) ... Latanoprost significantly increased hair density (terminal and vellus hairs) at 24 weeks compared with baseline and the placebo-treated area. Latanoprost could be useful in stimulating hair follicle activity and treating hair loss." [1]

Now keep in mind that this is only preliminary data and that further evaluation would be needed to determine whether or not it is a feasible solution.

Has anyone used Xalatan off-label for hair loss?

Source: [1] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21875758

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badal kumar Says:

if you want to grow scalp hairs try 5% minoxidil on scalp .

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Craig Says:

Has the increase in body hair resulted merely from using the drops in your eyes?

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Madeup Name Says:

Since starting Lumigan 21 months ago, my eyelashes are extremely long and thick. My body hair, especially on my arms and legs, has gotten quite a bit longer. I also have vellus hair on my nose, ears, etc. My facial hair grows at a much faster pace now. I used to go 3 days before I really needed to shave. Now I have to shave every day. A mentioned side effect is hair growth in areas that regularly come into contact with Lumigan. In my case, I believe the hair growth is systemic, as it happens everywhere.

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