Why Does Xanax Make You Steal?

Denise Says:

I have been taking xanax since I was 17 and had my first baby. I started to notice that I was stealing a lot more than I ever had. Now I'm looking at criminal charges for stealing. So, if this is true then I would love for someone to send me something stating that xanax can and does make people steal.

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greg Says:

You better believe it will make you steal among other things to get what you need! It was posted in previous PDRs that benzo "withdrawal can last for LIFE" And that is VERBATIM! Whether they still print it in PDRs I haven't looked , but beware...

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Roxanne56 Says:

I can't entirely say that xanax led to my kleptomania. I do strongly believe it lowered my inhibitions and impaired my thinking. I began thinking the security bulbs in stores weren't real!!! Please seek help. They do have 12-step mtgs for this. I loved the rush of walking out not getting caught. I never stole expensive items and most we're stupid stuff. I can tell you, you will get caught eventually. It's embarrassing, humiliating and not worth the penalty. Take measures to protect yourself from the impulsive or find a sponsor - someone to be accountable to. My consequences were severe. They were all mist. Trust me you will get caught. God bless. Also find a support group. Hope this helps. I heard once xanax was sued for the contribution of kleptomania and would be forced to have a warning on meds. All benzos should!

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Houghingit Says:

Re: greg (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Almost everyone I know have the same problem with stealing on benzos. I thought the 1st few times I heard about it they were mistaken,then more & more I heard about it. I'm also curious as to why people steal on them. I take mine at home before bed unless I'm having severe panic or anxiety. Try to limit your dosing times so your not in places to steal.

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EDDY Says:

Houghingit (# 2) --

If Xanax makes you steal you should be institutionalized where you can withdraw off Xanax. Since Xanax is very inexpensive it certainly can't be the cost?

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Greg Says:

I don't know if you have been stealing while under the influence of Xanax or because of the severe withdrawal symptoms!???? It's very likely while under the influence because of the heavy drop in your inhibitions, on the other hand-withdrawals from Xanax can be so severe to the point where all your morals are out the window-shopping especially because withdrawals from benzos can be life threatening and and this is verbatim "can last for life"! As far as myself and my experience with 30years of being prescribed benzos- Klonopin has the longest half life and it is the best "so far" in treating this horrific side effect...I hope this helps anyone, sincerely Greg!

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Bunns Says:

It does I just left jail after 12 days The worst experience ever

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Mason Says:

I can tell you one thing for sure; whether or not benzo's make you steal is not going to be a mitigating factor in legal proceedings. A judge is not going to say "oh, well, let's just get them some help since they're on a benzodiazepine". So, what next if you use that defense? You're on probation and banned from benzo's! Hello withdrawal hell!

I take xanax daily, and i'm also a lawyer. I have found myself, at times, lifting small cheap commodities like e-cigarette cartridges. Just don't expect it to hold up as any type of defense in court. In all likelihood bringing up the benzo consumption may only hurt your case. The judge may view you with the same contempt and disdain as many pharmacists/technicians do; a stigma anyone who is prescribed controlled substances is familiar with.

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Roxanne56 Says:

Yes the same for klonopin, any benzo lowers my inhibitions. I became a "serial kleptomanic" the newspaper quoted me. I had accumulated 17 misdemeanors. From Little Debbie carrot cake, to anything. I thought the cameras were fake. I received a sentence of 10 yrs. To do 1yr in prison and the rest probation. I believe kleptomania is a severe impulse control issue. Add some benzos and watch out. I don't take my purse in. I try to not even go in alone shopping. There are a few 12 step mtgs. And a website where Dr. Shullmen has a course online. It's not free. Obviously, the county in which I received most of these minor charges did no referral. I got a 500.00 fine with a yr or 6 month probation. Also, it is legal to combine 3 misdemeanors into 1 felony. Looking back I don't think benzos MADE me steal. I was seeking the rush. I paid a huge penalty. I mean embarrassing as hell. I still take klonopin. I still have the urge to steal. I don't. I think it through. I call someone in the program I can be accountable to. Do yourself a favor now. Research and find the counseling you need and get it. Once you get in the system it's over with. Take care.

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Sorry Says:

It most certainly does. I never stole till I went on Xanax. Did 11 days in jail recently for a warrant stemming from a theft. Get off the meds ASAP with a drs care. I am getting on a different pill for my panic and anxiety. This medication ruined my life.

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Bettychico88 Says:

Re: Sorry (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Try busiprone...not narcotic and is an anti anxiety med. Look it up

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EDDY Says:

Re: Bettychico88 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Halcion another Benzo was known for this as well. People would drive and there was even a murder attributed to it. The only thing I stole on Xanax was Xanax from a girl at work

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Angelove21 Says:

Hi... Not sure how old your post is, however, based on my observance of young adults, a few were friends with one of my sons. I can tell without a doubt, Xanax being a CNS medication affects the central nervous system therefore, in the majority of cases/people I have observed while they took Xanax did steal!! They stood mostly from stores, any store!! So, my best advice when taking Xanax if you have this problem, stay away from stores while taking your meds, talk to ONE person you trust, try to find a cool laid back support group, and keep reminding yourself of your past experiences with taking Xanax. But, seriously, do not beat yourself up over the situation!! PS..Take care :) the best of Luck to you. Oh yeah, careful taking more that prescribed!!!

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NoOneshouldknow Says:

Re: Greg (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

When you're withdrawing from Xanax you're sick and probably don't feel well enough to go shopping. When you take a dose of Xanax it seems to lower your judgment and inhibitions completely! Mine anyways... I've been in trouble for doing the same thing over and over again and every time I am on Xanax. I walk into a store and think everything is mine! I go through each department of the store until my cart is loaded. I used to try taking the whole cart out with me!! I've done it a time or two but since I don't take Xanax anymore I don't do these things anymore either. The last time I did I paid for a lot of the stuff but doubled what I bought with what I'd taken. I might be an extreme case, but this is what happens to me when I take only 1 mg!

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EDDY Says:

Re: NoOneshouldknow (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

The FDA follows similar complaints. You shouldn't steal on Xanax. Better yet, people shouldn't take Xanax.


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