White Round B 146

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What is a white round tablet marked "B 146"?

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Verwon Says:

This is Digitek 0.25mgs, a generic for Lanoxin, or Digoxin, this is used for people with weakened hearts to help them function properly.

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ruth Says:

I need to know the price of lanoxin .25mgs, as well as folic acid 1mg tablets. Please get back to me soon.

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, this site does not sell, or provide drugs here. I belive there are links on the site for pharmaceutical companies that do, you will have to visit on of those sites to find your information.

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ruth Says:

I need to know if i can i go to the manufacturer and ask for a med's assistance? What happened is my insurance is under cobra b/c-b/s but i was behind for 2 months so they terminated my policy. I had an open heart surgery with the replacement of 2 mechanical valves and i really need to take my heart pills and I'm gonna need help in order to keep up with the medication. I'm 45 years old working part-time, not eligible for medicaid. Please guide me as to where I can get the manufacturer's name for my heart pills. They are lanxin, folic acid, coumadin, furosemide, & potassium. I will be grateful for any help i can get.

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nenene Says:

You would need to fill out a form for each drug company that makes your medication. The best place to start is with your doctor's office. They should have the appropriate forms or be able to guide you. Also, your local welfare office may be able to help you as well. Sounds like you have been through it!

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